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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 4, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PST

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it is tuesday, november 4th, election day in america. about 90 million ballots will be cast, control of the u.s. senate will likely shift, forcing president obama and republicans to work together as the president builds his legacy. good morning to you. i'm frances rivera. you're looking at the u.s. capil live this morning where the balance of power is in the hands of the voters. it is midterm madness in america. the races are tight, and the stakes high. and the amount of money being spent in american politics is at record levels. this election map pretty much says it all. 10 key tossup races could toss democrats right out of power. nbc's tracie potts is live in washington. tracie, good morning to you. and any signs the white house is getting nervous? >> well, the white house is
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really sort of downplaying some of these races that we're watching very closely saying president obama didn't win those states in the last election. so naturally they are republican states. they are very important states that could decide who is in charge on capitol hill. >> the senator from arkansas -- >> reporter: 36 senate seats will be decided today, eight too close to call. >> the vast majority are taking place in states the president did not win in the last presidential election. >> reporter: republicans need six seats to win control of the senate. how soon will we know? georgia and louisiana could end up in runoffs. more than one in four voted early. thousands of mail-in ballots may not be even arrive until well after election day. >> we're probably going to be waiting a little while before we understand or learn who will be on the majority in the senate. >> reporter: 36 states elect governors today. half of those are tossups. and all 435 house seats are up
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for grabs. the justice department is sending poll watchers to more than two dozen districts. >> we will be mindful of any anomalies that are reported. >> reporter: latino voters could be key in races with razor thin margins. >> both parties are not reaching out meaningfully to this community. they're leaving those votes on the table. >> dan sullivan right here in alaska. >> reporter: polls show a republican advantage. >> everything seems to be pointing to the republicans' direction, but there is always the possibility the democrats could pull off an upset or two that complicates the republican map. >> reporter: one of the biggest numbers in the election day map, the 90 million americans expected to vote. frances? >> tracie potts for us in washington, d.c., thank you. it is one of the hottest, now the most expensive seats in the senate ever. $100 million was spent on the north carolina race. democrat kay hagan is up against republican tom tillis. so where did the money come from? outside interest groups that
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shelled out $72 million. joining me on election day from washington is syndicated columnist bob franken. great to have you with us this morning. >> good morning. how are you, frances? >> we're doing very well, a lot of exciting moments to come here. let's get to it, especially with the republicans there, you know, all eyes and fingers possibly pointing at them and they are optimistic. in your take, is this a case of the 6-year itch with the democrats, when it comes to this poll, look at the numbers, 46% of voters prefer a gop congress, but not a huge endorsement, the numbers can bump up so much more. >> well, the 6-year itch is something that is traditional, but the fact of the matter is there is some unusual circumstances here, not the least of which is the antagonism that an awful lot of people feel against president obama. he, of course, is not on the ballot, but in reality he's on the ballot just about everywhere. and i think that just about all of us have concluded that this is going to be a republican
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takeover of the senate. >> we have seen that on the campaign trail where many on -- running for senate again have distanced themselves. let's talk about this, as far as the vice president, joe biden kind of alluding to a gop sweep here, especially when you read between the lines. take a listen. >> i think we have to be more direct and clear about exactly or what it is we're looking to do. and, look, we're ready to compromise. >> key word, compromise. is that even in the slightest sense, bob, the vice president white flagging it a little bit? >> well, i think that it is largely that. of course, he didn't come right out and say we're going to lose, that we're toast, but i think that that's pretty much what is expected unless we have another moment where, you know, truman ends up beating dewy or something like that. it is not going to happen. so the question now becomes can there be compromise and really there is -- republicans are spreading the idea particularly that if they take over the senate, they would be willing to
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compromise, but let's remember that that is poll driven. people are sick and tired of the gridlock. however, the prediction that you're going to get from yours truly is that the gridlock will continue because the moment this race is over, whenever it is, of course, we go into the presidential race and you have all the battles that are going on over that, and the -- shall i call it the ted cruz faction of the republican party, versus those who are probably considered a little more moderate. >> i want to bring that up, you know, you got to think of it, if the republicans -- this scenario, if the republicans win big today, you look ahead to 2016, but in a sense, winning today may also mean lose-lose when it comes to 2016 and vice versa, really. >> with all the money that was spent, the hundreds of millions of dollars spent in this election, this is still just the opening act. let's face it, we really care and the political parties really care about who controls the white house. because then they control the government. for the most part, the congress has become used to being sort of
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the role of a heckler. the action is really at the white house. so the race that is going on for the white house, it is not starting today, it has been going on for quite some time. >> bob franken, a long day for all of us. be able to chat with you after for postgame analysis. >> looking forward to that. nbc news will have special coverage of the election results tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern, and, again, at 10:00 p.m. pacific. you can see results anytime on on to other news, frightening scene caught on camera, sunday night, a philadelphia nurse fighting back as she's kidnapped off a sidewalk. her family is making a desperate plea for her return. >> please, just whoever, just please bring her back home. that's all we want. just release her. we don't care. just let her go somewhere. >> surveillance video shows the suspect approaching her on the sidewalk. suspect dragging her toward a
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parked car as she appears to fight back. a witness told police she was screaming for help and she even kicked out a passenger side window as the car sped off. police found her glasses and cell phone on the street and found a knife and a glove nearby. the witness says the car is a dark gray ford taurus. the fbi is working with the local police to help find the 22-year-old nurse. the creeping lava on hawaii's big island is stalled for a moment. check out the images. the leading edge of the molten lava flowing into a pond. the water instantly begins to boil, sending up plumes of steam. that lava you see is over 2,000 degrees fahrenheit. people in 15 nearby homes could be forced to evacuate as it picks up speed again. president obama signed a disaster declaration allowing for federal emergency assistance. brand-new video. millions of iraqi shiite muslims marching through the holy city of karbala to commemorate the seventh century killing of the
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prophet muhammad's grandson when cemented the split between shiites and sunni muslims. bill karins is here on election day with our forecast, especially when so much hinges on the weather when people get out to vote. >> so many states. we had bad weather days on election day history, with snow and ice storms. rain forms today, one big one in the middle of the country. this one moving through the west. we already have picked up two to four inches of rain in the olympics. that's produced some minor flooding out there. we're not really seeing anything too horrible. the storm totals, well, we already had, should get an additional, bigger cities, not as much as the mountains of course and slowly ending during the day today. umbrella weather for much of the region. here is your election day forecast, and we are completely dry from northern california southward, very typical. we're about 83 beautiful degrees there in los angeles. 79 in san diego. as we go throughout the day, the rain will be letting up and should be getting lighter in areas like portland, eugene, olympia, seattle.
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spokane, showers heading your way. temperatures are cooler in seattle. we're warmer here around medford. the inner mountain west isn't seeing any problems whatsoever. that storm system is bringing all the heavy rain, more in texas, oklahoma and arkansas. so of all the big senate races we're watching, the nine of them, none of those are affected there. i'll tell you, i know alaska is in play for the elections too. very cold, fairbanks this morning at zero. you were at negative one, first sub-zero tempe a pretty nice afternoon, areas of sacramento, san jose. i was mentioning, alaska, we have hawaii of course . we'll look at your election day forecast coming up. >> thank you very much. just ahead, a favorite radio voice silenced forever. plus, is adrian peterson
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to all your dairy favorites. some other stories we're following. breaking news overnight, the body of a 6-year-old boy has been found off the coast of oregon. coast guard crews began searching for the boy late monday after a woman told police she threw her son from a bridge. that woman is now in custody. he was a hugely popular voice on public radio, dishing out free car advice with his brother. and now tom magliozzi has died because of complications of alzheimer's. up until two years ago, listeners tuned in for more than just tips on their car troubles. >> look at this thing. this is my brother's car. >> this is mine. >> if you took this into a shop to get fixed, look at this stuff. banana peels. chinese food. >> come on. i haven't had lunch yet. >> magliozzi was 77. a plea deal is reportedly in
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the making for adrian peterson. it would reduce his felony charge of injury to a child to a misdemeanor. but whatever peterson agrees to, it won't ensure he goes back on the gridiron with the vikings. a freak accident at a construction site killed a man in new jersey. it happened when a tape measure fell 50 stories from a construction worker's belt, hitting a 58-year-old man in the head. he had just stepped out of his truck to deliver supplies for that construction work. it was a star studded farewell for fashion icon oscar de la renta. diane von furnitustenberg was a the guests. de la renta died of cancer last month at the age of 82. remember the movie ar arachnophobi arachnophobia, multiply that by a million. this web measured four entire acres, that thing is massive.
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in business this morning, southwest airlines is being sued by the justice department. the government says the airline hired a contractor to do extensive work on 44 aircraft while failing to follow procedures. southwest disagrees and will fight the $12 million suit. it is the second largest penalty the faa has ever sought against an airline. and korean automaker hyundai and kia agreed to pay the u.s. government $350 million for overstating fuel economy ratings. this is on top of the $395 million the company agreed to pay last year. for those counting, over $700 million in penalties. just ahead, the biggest highlight on monday night football for giants fans. halftime. we'll show it to you next. i fi? a mess? i don't think -- football for giants fans. halftime. we'll show it to you next. plug it in, and you can save on car insurance based on your good driving. you sell to me? no, it's free. you want to try? i try this if you try... not this. okay.
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later on "today," an exclusive rossen report. authorities call him one of the most sophisticated computer hackers they have ever seen. stealing credit cards from stores and breaking into paris hilton's cell phone. this morning he spills his secrets, only on "today." time to bring you sports. we begin with monday night football, colts and the giants. the only touchdown of the first half, andrew luck and coby fleener for a score. the big highlight for giants fans, it came at halftime.
4:18 am
former giants michael strahan honored for his induction into the pro football hall of fame. dozens of players on hand to pay tribute. and he pumped up the crowd. >> wave those towels for every player who ever put on this uniform, for every fan who ever rooted for this team, because we are the new york giants! >> man, that energy is electric as you can see. on the hard court, the mavericks took a lead against the celtics up 30 before the half. a big rally in the second half, falls short, though, mavs win 118-113. the rockets remain unbeaten holding off the winless 76ers, 104-93. the cubs introduced their new manager, former rays skipper joe madden. he agreed to a five-year, $25 million contract. he ended the presser there with his own offer to the media to celebrate. >> where is the bartender? bartender here?
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to get key nutrients you may need. go to for savings. welcome back. continue our tour of the voting
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states today, in hawaii, just a few passing showers, looks like a decent day for voting. no problems whatsoever. 88 will be the temperature near maui. honolulu, big island, a little cooler with clouds. but oahu looks fine. back to the lower 48, we're watching the worst weather today as i mentioned, texas, oklahoma, arkansas, showers in the great lakes. all fine and clear and everywhere in the southwest. the rain is better in the northwest, heaviest last night, should lighten up during the day today. still has some showers to deal with out there. and as far as the big states go and the senate races, they avoided bad weather. the voting turnout, you know, weather won't impact it. >> there you go. >> i don't know how many impeach actu people actually vote, but the weather won't make it lower. sesame street is celebrating its 45th anniversary next week. to celebrate, pbs is airing a special half hour show week day afternoons. that's in addition to the classic hour show every morning. look out for special guest stars like michelle obama, one direction, and claire danes.
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spotify knows how it feels to be dumped by taylor swift. the pop star -- she was never really a fan of free music. she removed all her songs from the music streaming site on monday. spotify is hoping to negotiate with swift and her label to rejoin the app. oh. ♪ ♪ pressure down on me under pressure ♪ >> oh. >> how awesome does that look? my son is going to go nuts. universal pictures released the trailer for the summer comedy "minions." jon hamm, allison janey all lend
4:24 am
their voices for the film. at the l.a. premiere of "dumb and dumber to" jim carrey and jeff daniels arrived driving the iconic mutts cutts dog van. can't beat that for that kind of premiere. >> that movie does not disappoint. i'm nervous. >> a long time. >> such a classic. is that humor still going to work? >> they're going to figure it out. it has to. it has to. after all this time, but -- >> i'm afraid for the reviews. let's put it that way. >> i'm frances rivera. this is "early today." we hope it is just your first stop of the day on nbc. [ julie ] the wrinkle cream graveyard. if it doesn't work fast... you're on to the next thing. clinically proven
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leading the news, in "the washington post" as ebola declines in liberia, health officials reassess response plans. the rate of new ebola infections has declined sharply. even some of the busiest treatment facilities are only half full. some experts worry it's a temporary lull in the outbreak. from wlwt 5 in cincinnati, mom says son given milk duds boxes containing ammo at a trick or treat at a preschool. they had three .22 caliber bullets. they came in a small bag that said eat, drink and be scary. police are investigating. some other stories we are following. a memorial for steve jobs has been dismantled. this comes after tim cook came
4:27 am
out as gay. the memorial is made to look like an iphone. the company that put it up says they took it down because of an anti-gay propaganda law meant to protect minors. a new study by oxford university said getting 15 minutes of exercise every day can lower a woman's risk of breast cancer. 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer at some point in their life according to the american cancer society. a woman in minnesota is upset after she got a letter showing her and her neighbors' voting histories. according to the letter data is public record coming from the minnesota secretary of state's office. the woman said she should not have to justify whether or not she voted. as we know by now, runners from kenya dominated the new york city marathon this weekend. "tonight show" host jimmy fallon mentioned mary keitany's win among the women's racers. >> one of the most impressive races they've seen a woman run, and then hillary said, stay tuned.
4:28 am
>> classic jimmy fallon right there, right? >> you're not a runner, are you? >> i go through phases where i kind of pretend to -- >> have you thought about doing a marathon? >> no. i say people who are marathon people they cross over to that whole other world that i know nothing about. so i can't -- i got to hand it to them, though. >> you've seen the marathon runners, though. >> hard core. >> if you watch the lead pack, the people -- they move and run so fast, it is like they're not human. >> unbelievable. kudos to them, i have to say. now for a look ahead and a look back, a reminder to vote on this election day. 90 million americans are expected to vote today. all seats in the house and some in the senate are up for grab. voters will elect 36 governors. today is the 35th anniversary of the start of the iran hostage crisis. a group of iranian students stormed the u.s. embassy. happy birthday to sean diddy combs, 45, matthew mcconaughey,
4:29 am
45. thank you for being
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good morning to you on this election tuesday. it's 4:30. i'm sam brock. and i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check our forecast with meteorologist christina loren. good morning. >> hey, good morning. it is a big day. it is going to be spectacular all across the bay area for this election tuesday. i can tell you, though, it's chilly out there. grab your heavy coat because temperatures have fat i don't know -- fallen into the 40s and you're going to need it. temperatures are going to be really nice this afternoon but it will be cold, at least until we get into about 10:00,


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